Jerusalem Light Rail

Jerusalem Light Rail

Jerusalem Light Rail

Jerusalem Light Rail – in late 2011, this local train service, called CityPass ( was introduced for those getting in and out of central Jerusalem (benefiting in particular those who live in suburban areas). The Jerusalem Light Rail (Harakevet Hakala) stretches from Pisgat Ze’ev in the North (Heil Ha’avir Station) to Mount Herzl in the West, with 23 stops altogether.


The Rav- Kav (multi-line) card is an electronic magnetic reloadable smart card that can be purchased at the Central Bus Station. Though you can still buy single tickets printed on a piece of paper, the Rav Kav card is intended to replace all public transportation tickets and cards. Discount packages, such as the monthly pass ‘hofshi hodshi’ or multiple ticket “cartisiya’ are only valid when loaded onto the card. The card can be charged with up to eight different payment packages that you can use within Jerusalem and around Israel.


There are two types of Rav Kav cards: personal, which include all passenger personal information, and anonymous. An anonymous card can be purchased from an Egged bus driver and charged with single fare tickets or regular multi-ride tickets but it will not be insured and will not allow for discounts. Passengers who apply for the personal card need to produce the application form along with a picture or ID card and in the case of students and senior citizens, need to present appropriate documents. Student Rav Kav cards with 33% or 50% discount are valid on all bus routes.


Upon issuing, the Rav Kav can be recharged on board from a bus driver quickly and easily. You can also recharge at ticket booths at light rail stops. Light rail passengers need to make sure that they have credit on their Rav Kav cards before embarking as they are unable to do so on the train.


Ticket Fares


– A single far costs NIS 6.90 (NIS 3.50 for senior citizens).
– A 10-ride ticket costs NIS 55.20 (NIS 34.50 for senior citizens and youth).
– A 15-ride ticket costs NIS 69 (for National Insurance Eligible and students).
– A 20-ride ticket costs NIS 110.40 (NIS 69 for senior citizens and youth).
– A monthly pass costs NIS 246 (NIS 123 for senior citizens).
– Special semester and annual discounts for students.

Here’s a map of the light rail system in Jerusalem: